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Kenneth W. Reagles received a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Rehabilitation Psychology in 1969 with majors in statistics and research, including specialization in the economics of vocational rehabilitation. He previously had earned a Master of Science degree (San Diego State University; Counseling and Guidance, 1966) and a Bachelor of Science degree (University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Chemistry and Physical Education, 1962).

Dr. Reagles from 1975 to 1996 was Professor and past Chairman, Department of Rehabilitation Services at Syracuse University. He is presently Professor Emeritus of Rehabilitation Counseling at Syracuse University. He was from 1980 to 1996 co-owner (with Ronald Dougherty, MD) and Administrative Director of Pelion, Inc., a private, outpatient diagnostic and treatment facility in Syracuse which offers treatment and rehabilitation services to a variety of patient populations. Finally, since 1969 he has been the owner and president of K.W. Reagles & Associates, L.L.C., wherein he provides expert vocational (life-care planning), rehabilitation, economic, and related consultation services to attorneys and their clients, consultation, and training.

Memberships to professional organizations include: International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, National Association Forensic Economics, American Counseling Association, American Rehabilitation Counseling Association, National Council on Rehabilitation Education, National Rehabilitation Association, National Rehabilitation Counseling Association, and the New York Chapter of ARCA, NRCA, NRA, IARP, and ACA. He has served as national president of both the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association and of the National Council on Rehabilitation Education, and in such capacities has testified before committees of the U.S. Congress. Dr. Reagles has also been the recipient on three occasions of ARCA's distinguished researcher award, has received a citation from the President of Israel, and numerous other commendations.

Dr. Reagles has had numerous publications, including four books, 18 monographs, 15 book chapters, and reports from 1969 - present; more than 50 accepted and/or published articles from 1970 - present, largely dealing with rehabilitation psychology, economic, and vocational issues of the disabled; and has had eight tests and psychometric scales published. Dr. Reagles also has been a presenter on more than 150 occasions at various professional conventions from 1968 to the present. His service to the community and profession include a variety of appointments at Syracuse University since 1975 and previously at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Reagles has engaged in various consultant activities since 1969 including international consultations on behalf of the U.S. Government to Israel, Egypt, Yugoslavia, England, and the Virgin Islands.

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Debbie Witz, a native of North Syracuse, studied secretarial science and business administration at Onondaga Community College. She subsequently worked as a secretary for several years at Carrier Corporation and as a medical transcriptionist before joining our firm in September 1998.

Debbie's job consists of a variety of responsibilities, including: transcription of client interviews, wherein she has become adept at understanding and interpreting clients' unique communication styles; internet research regarding the cost of medical goods and services; reviewing and revising reports/disclosures; preparing agreements and final report hard copies; setting up and closing files; coordinating incoming mail distribution; processing accounts receivables; and ordering and maintaining inventory of office supplies and printed material.

Debbie's expertise, attention to detail, and ability to work at a fast pace enables our office to maintain a high level of efficiency, with the end result being a professional product of the highest quality for our clients.


Jackie Gaffield, who joined our firm in July 2000, is a native of Syracuse who graduated from Careerco School for Paraprofessionals and subsequently became certified as a medical assistant. Her broad range of knowledge from her past careers in the medical, legal, and financial fields, as well as private industry, is an asset to our firm as she applies that knowledge to the production of the reports and disclosures we prepare for our clients.

Jackie's training and work as a medical assistant provided her with a solid base of medical terminology and procedures. Her subsequent employment as a legal secretary in both the estate and corporate divisions of one of the largest Syracuse law firms afforded her with general knowledge regarding legal proceedings, as well as the interpretation of income tax returns and their related schedules. Her years of employment within the banking industry helped her gain an overall understanding of finances and economics. Finally, her work as a human resources manager, as well as in various other management positions within the private sector, aids her comprehension of the fringe benefits paid to employees and their economic value when calculating the loss of earnings sections of our reports.

At K.W. Reagles and Associates, Jackie's responsibilities include: compiling information gleaned from Dr. Reagles' interviews with clients and writing a narrative of the individual's familial, educational, vocational, and personal histories for inclusion in reports; reviewing medical records and preparing a synopsis of the treatments and procedures the individual has undergone; performing calculations based on Dr. Reagles' opinions and facts pertinent to each case; performing extensive internet research, including wage and fringe benefit statistics; the specific cost of medical goods, procedures, and services; and the like; and contacting clients, attorneys, paralegals, and medical providers to obtain specific information to insure the accuracy of the data contained in our reports and disclosures.