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K.W. Reagles & Associates

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Vocational, Rehabilitation & Economic Services

K. W. Reagles & Associates offers a full range of research, analysis, computation, reporting and expert testimony services for plaintiff and defendant attorneys involved in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, matrimonial, and Americans with Disabilities Act cases.

We specialize in evaluations of:

  • Residual employability
  • Lost earnings capacity
  • Lost capacity to perform services
  • Life-care planning (i.e., future health-related goods and services)

President Kenneth W. Reagles, Ph.D., (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rehabilitation Psychology, 1969), evaluates individuals who have become disabled as a result of the negligence of others, including industrial and motor vehicle crashes, incidents of medical malpractice, severe burns, and other acts that cause injury or death. He determines the consequences of the injuries upon individuals' capacities to work, both in the competitive labor market and at home, as well as the need for health-related goods and services (also called life-care plans). He and his staff prepare reports of their findings, and Dr. Reagles then testifies in court as an expert witness.

K. W. Reagles & Associates has been in business since 1969 and serves attorneys and their clients all over the country, including Canada, although the preponderance of their work is in the Northeast. Dr. Reagles was a university professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Syracuse University for 26 years until his retirement as a professor in 1996. He is assisted by a support staff and utilizes the services of many associates, including economists, accident reconstruction and product liability engineers, toxicologists, physicians, and other professionals who are experts in their field.